2013 Winter Program

11th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations January 31-February 1, 2013

We are joining the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation for the 11th Annual Youth Assembly. The Assembly has grown to become a major gathering of young people as well as specialized, keynote speakers and workshop leaders at the United Nations. Each year, it provides avenues for students and young professionals to learn about and become involved with programs that address global and local issues, network among a large international group in attendance, and become engaged and empowered to take leadership roles in their communities.

The 11th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations includes:

  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies - Featuring Social Enterprise Leaders and UN Agency Officials

  • 2 Days of intensive meetings and workshops - Featuring training from NGO field workers, foundation youth fellows, UN staff

Focus:   Young Professionals, New Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Social Entrepreneurship for the MDGs

Profile:   Young Professionals working in the field, ages 22-28. Advanced Youth Leaders engaged in UN or MDG studies, ages 16-21, are most welcome. The program fee is $100 per person and $65 per group of 12 people or more.

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED. To apply, please fill out this application and e-mail it to apply@mmcnyc.com by 01/20/2013.

If accepted, please make checks payable to Manhattan Multicultural Counseling and mail them to Manhattan Multicultural Counseling | 346 East 65th Street | New York, NY 10065.

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