Mahamitra Testimonial

I am a student of Bronx Science High School and I am going to 11th grade this fall. During this summer, before the program, I was going to Yale twice a week, from Queens, using Metro north to meet with my mentor to do research on exoplanets. I had to return to Yale after the program ended as well.

I learned many new things from MMSY program and I am thankful that I had this opportunity. I did not know much about the UN before the program such as who was in charge or how it operated. I had never been in the UN before I came to this program. I learned how the general assembly worked. I also learned there was a separate security council and only select members from the general assembly were allowed to be part of it. I found out how the UN helps nations such as Rwanda, DR of Congo, Haiti, and other nations. I learned about the new methods they are using to stop child hunger and mortality, for example they sell nutrient enriched peanut butter to the poor at an extremely affordable cost.

They also help refugees by sending in kits with basic necessities such as shelter and tools for cooking meals. I also learned about the high profile meetings that go on in the UN that cover major topics such as gender equality, the development of youth for a better future, and the discrimination that the older generation faces as well as solutions to these problems. I was also lucky enough to be present in these meetings and to see what goes on first hand. I learned about the history of the UN as well. I also learned about Peace one day, a day dedicated to nonviolence, a day of world peace and its founder, Jeremy Gilley and the struggles he took to accomplish this goal.

I did not know much about WHO, or the world health organization either. I did not know what they actually did. I learned that they coordinated efforts at vaccinations, development of new medicine, providing the public with information, and doing research on diseases. I learned they are a global organization that also participates in the UN. I also saw the video about how they were going to be using to combat smoking.

Apart from visiting these organizations we also visited a tolerance center where I learned about words of hate and hope, stereotypes, and conflicts around the world. We also visited several places of worship for different religions. I learned about the history of Catholicism and the architecture of different churches as well as some traditions. I also learned a lot about Judaism (I knew almost nothing about Judaism) and had a firsthand experience of a morning service. The last religious center we visited was a Buddhist temple, where I learned about the different Buddha statues from different countries.

We also visited the Korean mission and learned about some of Korea’s history with the UN and how it joined. I also learned about the advancements that Korea has been making economically, politically, and socially. I learned about the status of the relationship between North and South Korea as well as the DMZ. From these experiences I have gained a better understanding of tolerance and what it means to be tolerant as well as the inner workings of the UN.

I will be applying my summer experience at MMSY to my life by informing more people about the situation of the world and letting them know what the UN is doing and informing them on what they can do. I will try to start a club in Bronx Science and maybe participate in some fund raisers. There are also existing clubs that participate in walks and fund raisers that people can join. From these experiences I have gained a better understanding of tolerance and what it means to be tolerant as well as the inner workings of the UN. I should say that I won the first prize for memorizing the mission of MMSY which was 30 article of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and I was happy.

ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights.

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights