Hisham Testimonial

Before attending MMSY program, I was having a calm, relatively boring summer, playing Video games, watching TV and occasionally going out with friends and family, nothing special or extraordinary. I didn’t go to Egypt like I do every summer, so this had been a summer relatively void of any real excitement.

After entering the program, within a few days, my entire state of mind changed. I learned to be a lot more sensitive and tolerant, and expressions that I would normally use suddenly became taboo for me. In addition to this, the many wonderful places that we visited, like the Tolerance Museum, taught me about problems away from home that I neglected to think about enough, and I had actually started to think about making a difference in my own small way. My religious tolerance was also greatly increased.

We visited many wonderful houses of worship including a beautiful church, synagogue and Buddhist temple, all of which were beautifully decorated and informative. The panels in the UN Headquarters did a good job of informing us about various world issues, such as elder rights, women’s rights, and the definition of masculinity. My favorite part of the program is when we sat down and talked about our personal lives, beliefs and ideas, I learned how people from a completely different cultural spectrum operated amongst their friends and loved ones.

With all the knowledge I have accumulated during this program, I will not keep it to myself. Whenever I see an act of intolerance in my community I will now be able to really say that is wrong, without seeming uninformed or hypocritical, I will also take part in more community charity or donation activities, in order to benefit those in other parts of the world that are less fortunate than I am. Personally, amongst my family, I will no longer use certain expressions or make certain jokes that would be deemed insensitive or intolerant, as I now truly understand how hurtful they can try be. Overall, I will be a better person and more active and virtuous member of society. I enjoyed learning and memorizing the 30 articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well.

ALL human beings are born FREE and EQUAL in dignity and rights.

-Universal Declaration of Human Rights